Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar

For 250g

24 month Vintage Cheddar, really lovely.

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    A great vintage cheddar made since 1823, matured for at least 24 months making it intense and savoury.  The Barber family have been making cheese on their farm in Ditcheat, Somerset for six generations.   This is a great cheddar for all occasions; lovely, tangy and tasty but not too sharp as some mature cheddars can be for some, (our 3 year old loves it and so does mummy with a nice glass of Port!). 

    Winner of the best mature cheddar in the 2012 World Cheese awards and the only UK Cheddar to make it into the top 50 world cheeses.  A really great cheese for cooking, sandwiches and general munching!

    £1.25 per 100g
    Cow's milk, Pasteurised, Veg.

    Milk Type : Cow's Milk

    Pasteurisation : Pasteurised

    Rennet type : Vegetarian rennet

    Flavour : Strong

    Country of Origin : England

    EAN : 2040981212328

    identifierexists : yes

    Product Code : MTCS108

    Brand : Barbers

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