Blue Cheese

Mousetrap cheese has a wonderful selection of blue cheese, from cow's, sheep and goats milk.  From the traditional like Stilton or Dorset Blue Vinney, to the more modern like Blue Monk.  We have English blue cheese, as well as lots of European blue cheese.  You will also find our fllter very useful if you would like to find unpasteurised blue cheese, or vegetarian blue cheese.

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Beenleigh Blue
for 250g

Crumbly, steely blue

Bleu D'Auvergne
for 250g

Spicy, young blue

Bleu Des Causses
for 250g

Salty, full flavour cow's milk roquefort

Blue Monk
Soft, gentle blue
for 250g

Mild and creamy, German 'blue brie'

Cashel Blue
for 250g

Delicious creamy Irish blue

Dolcelatte Galbani
for 250g

Mild and slightly sweet

Dorset Blue Vinney
for 250g

Tasty blue made with partially skimmed milk

Gorgonzola Gran Riserva (dolce)
for 250g

Tangy and moreishly creamy

for 250g

Creamily delicious, lactose free!

Mrs Bells Blue
for 250g

Slightly sweeter than roquefort

Oxford Blue
for 250g

Full flavoured, soft and lovely

Perl Las
for 250g

Lovely organic, lingering blue

Roquefort Vieux Berger
for 250g

Strong, full flavoured

Shropshire Blue
for 250g

A little sweeter than stilton

St Agur L'Intense
for 250g

Rich, intense and smooth

Stilton, Colston Bassett
for 250g

Firm but creamy and full of flavour

Wrekin Blue
for 250g

Funky looking, great strong mineral flavour