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Brie de Meaux Cheese, Strong, smelly French Brie

Brie de Meaux Cheese, Strong, smelly French Brie

for 250g

Succulent, tasty, strong

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    Brie de Meaux French Brie is the real original smelly Brie. A strong soft cheese full of flavour with a magnificent odour and a soft, creamy interior.  Legend has it that it was much loved by Charlemagne.  It was named as "King of Cheeses" by Tallyrand in 1815.  It has a soft, delicate white rind. The interior of the cheese is straw-yellow, creamy and soft.

    Brie de Meaux is made with raw cow's milk. It takes about 25 litres of milk to make a large cheese. The fermented milk is placed in a tank for 16 hours, then put in a bowl for curding which lasts one hour. It is then cut into small cubes with a slice-curd. Finally, it is moulded by hand .

    It is usually matured for 6 to 8 weeks. Throughout the ripening period, cheeses are routinely turned by hand.


    Milk Type : Cow's Milk

    Pasteurisation : Unpasteurised

    Flavour : Strong

    Rennet type : Animal Rennet

    Country of Origin : France

    Brand : Donge

    Product Code : MTCS156

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