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Whether you like your cheese soft, blue, hard or vegetarian.  They're all here to choose from in our online shop!
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Amelie cheese wedding cake, 8.7kg cheese tower.
£224.99 for 9.2kg, feeds 90 - 150, £2.58/100g

Vegetarian option available

Barbers Vintage Cheddar Cheese, Somerset Cheddar cheese
From: £4.13

24 month Vintage Cheddar, really lovely.

Baron Bigod
From: £9.63
£3.85 per 100g

Smooth, mushroomy, wonderful

Cornish Kern Cheese, British Artisan hard cheese
£3.58 per 100g

Fruity, amazing depths of flavour

Cornish Yarg Cheese, Cornish Cheese covered in Nettles
From: £9.07
£3.21 per 100g

Gentle with a lemony tang, covered in nettles.

Delice De Bourgogne Cheese, really creamy French Cheese
From: £6.40
£2.42 per 100g

Delectable, indulgent, rich

Dolcelatte Cheese, Soft, creamy Italian blue cheese
From: £5.54
£2.21 per 100g

Mild and slightly sweet

Dorset Blue Vinney Cheese, British blue cheese made with semi skimmed milk
From: £7.30
£2.91 per 100g

Tasty blue made with partially skimmed milk

Dorstone Cheese, Ashed goat's milk cheese
£8.58 each

Soft, moosey, tasty

Etorki Ewe's milk cheese, semi hard sheep's cheese
From: £8.14
£4.07 per 100g

Lovely rich and velvety

Feta Cheese, Greek salad cheese
£3.92 each

Tangy and Crumbly

Fleur Wedding Cheese Cake, 12.4 kg wedding cheese tower
£339.99 feeds 120 - 240. £2.74 per 100g

Great for a large function

Fowlers Extra Extra  Extra mature Cheese
From: £6.33
£2.53 per 100g

Strong and creamy

Gjetost, Norwegian Fudge Cheese
£7.90 each

Norwegian fudge cheese

Goat's milk Gouda Cheese
From: £5.43
£2.71 per 100g

Smooth, creamy, gentle

Gorgonzola Gran Riserva (dolce) Cheese
From: £7.48
£2.99 per 100g

Tangy and moreishly creamy

Gouda with Cumin Cheese, Dutch Cheese
From: £4.18
£1.67 per 100g

Lovely warming cheese from 17th Century!

Gruyere De France, French Gruyere cheese
From: £5.40
£2.15 per 100g

nutty, fruity, great in food

Hafod Cheese, Welsh Organic Cheddar Cheese
From: £8.94
£3.58 per 100g

Rich organic cheddar with an earthy bite

Halloumi Cheese, Cypriot squeaky cheese
£4.53 each

Barbeque Classic!

Harlech Cheese, Cheddar with horseradish and parsley
From: £4.92
£1.97 per 100g

Tangy and zingy with horseradish and parsley!

Hereford Sage Cheese, British artisan cheese with sage added
From: £7.35
£2.94 per 100g

Not available until Easter 2022

Isle of Mull Cheese, Wonderful raw milk cheddar
From: £7.30
£2.92 per 100g

Fruity cheddar with lovely rounded full flavour

Jarlsberg Cheese, sweet, nutty Norwegian cheese
From: £5.47
£2.19 per 100g

Sweet, nutty and mild Norwegian cheese

Jessica Wedding cheese cake, 4.45kg cheese stack
£115.99 feeds 45 - 90, £2.60 per 100g

Wonderful traditional cheese tower

Keens Cheddar Cheese, Somerset Farmhouse Cheddar cheese
From: £5.12
£2.05 per 100g

Traditional farmhouse tasty cheddar

Lancashire Cheese (Kirkhams), traditional tasty lancashire cheese
From: £7.56
£3.03 per 100g

A lovely tasty Lancashire, full of flavour

Le Roule Cheese, fresh young cheese with garlic and herbs
From: £5.24
£2.62 per 100g

Fresh, light and creamy

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, British Artisan raw milk cheese
From: £6.85
£2.74 per 100g

Tasy, fruity, deep!

Little Hereford Cheese, British artisan raw milk hard cheese
From: £6.74
£2.69 per 100g

Mid strength and smooth

Maasdam Cheese
From: £3.63
£1.45 per 100g

Buttery, sweet, firm

Monkland with Garlic and Chives Cheese, Artisan raw milk cheese
From: £7.55
£3.02 per 100g

Zingy with garlic and chives

Montagnolo Cheese, Lactose free blue cheese
From: £5.54
£2.22 per 100g

Creamily delicious, lactose free!

Montgomery Cheddar Cheese, Traditional unpasteurised farmhouse cheddar cheese
From: £7.90
£3.16 per 100g

Earthy and full flavoured farmhouse cheddar

Morbier Cheese, Traditional semi soft french cheese with a layer of ash
From: £5.41
£2.16 per 100g

Pongy, fruity and gentle

Mrs Bells Blue Cheese, British Blue Ewe's milk cheese
From: £12.46
£4.99 per 100g

Slightly sweeter than roquefort

Neufchatel brie heart, heart shaped cheese
£4.95 each

Heart shaped brie

Oak Smoked Little Hereford Cheese, Artisan smoked hard cheese
From: £7.70
£3.08 per 100g

Not available until Easter 2022

Old Amsterdam Cheese, Mature Dutch Gouda
From: £6.23
£2.49 per 100g

Rich savoury but sweet flavour. mouth watering..

Old Winchester Cheese, Great vegetarian Parmesan substitute
From: £8.87
£3.55 per 100g

Tasty, Nutty, great veg parmesan sub!

Ossau Iratty Cheese, smooth ewe's milk cheese
From: £10.31
£4.12 per 100g

Velvet smooth, nutty

Other Monk Cheese, British Camembert style raw milk cheese
£2.77 per 100g

Subtle, soft, creamy camembert flavours

Oxford Blue Cheese,  British tasty vegetarian blue cheese
From: £8.18
£3.18 per 100g

Full flavoured, soft and lovely

Parmesan Reggiano Cheese, 2-3 years mature
From: £8.06
£3.22 per 100g

Very hard, very tasty

Party cheese cake, 4.25kg gorgeous small cheese tower
£111.99 for 4.25kg, feeds 40 - 60, £2.63/100g

Vegetarian option available

Pecorino Sardo Cheese, hard raw ewe's milk cheese
From: £7.09
£2.84 per 100g

Wonderful hard sheep's cheese

Perl Las Cheese, Wonderful Welsh Organic Blue cheese
From: £7.01
£2.8 per 100g

Lovely organic, lingering blue

Perl Wen Cheese, Wonderful Welsh organic brie
From: £6.60
£2.64 per 100g

Soft, light, organic brie

Perroche Cheese, young fresh British goat's milk cheese
£6.58 each

Lemony, soft and Light

Picos Blue Cheese, Spicy Spanish blue cheese
From: £7.48
£2.99 per 100g

Spicy, pungent, blue

Plaisir de Roy Brie
From: £3.10
From: £8.31
£3.32 per 100g

Mature, cheddary depths

Raclette Cheese, traditional swiss melting cheese
From: £3.63
£1.41 per 100g

melty, gooey, yummy

Ragstone Cheese, Tasty British goat's cheese log
£9.24 each

Creamy, tasty, gorgeous!

Reblochon Cheese, tarte
£9.28 each

Smooth, rich and nutty

Red Devil Cheese, with Habenero Chilli and peppers
From: £6.18
£2.47 per 100g

Fruity, tasty, creamy

Red Leicester (Sparkenhoe) Cheese, Gentle British hard cheese
From: £7.60
£3.04 per 100g

Waxy, mellow and nutty

Red Storm Cheese, tasty, fruity red welsh cheese
From: £6.36
£2.92 per 100g

Fruity, tasty, creamy

Roquefort cheese, Vieux Berger, Strong Ewe's milk blue cheese
From: £14.03
£5.61 per 100g

Strong, full flavoured

Scamorza Cheese, Italian smoked Mozzerella type cheese
£5.37 each

Smoked mozzarella type cheese

Scrumpy Cider and Apple Cheese, Cheddar with fruit in
From: £6.02
£2.19 per 100g

Apple, cider and cheese..mmmm

Shropshire Blue Cheese from the Colston Bassett Dairy
From: £6.02
£2.41 per 100g

A little sweeter than stilton

Single Gloucester Cheese (Martel), traditional raw milk cheese
From: £9.29
£3.72 per 100g

Mild and lactic, a lovely centle cheese

Snowdonia Bombers
From: £5.74
£5.74 each

Amazing snowdonia bombers in a range of flavours

Snowdonia Cheese, Rich Welsh  Black Bomber Cheddar
£2.52 per 100g

Creamy, tangy, tasty

Somerset Brie Cheese, mild english brie
From: £4.81
£1.92 per 100g

Gentle, Creamy Brie

Spenwood Cheese, Hard nutty British ewe's milk cheese
From: £11.40
£4.56 per 100g


St Agur L'Intense Cheese, rich soft french blue cheese
From: £9.24
£3.7 per 100g

Rich, intense and smooth

Stilton Cheese, Colston Bassett, Traditional vegetarian Blue cheese
From: £5.86
£2.34 per 100g

Firm but creamy and full of flavour

Stinking Bishop Cheese, very smelly British cheese
From: £12.38
£4.69 per 100g

Washed in Perry, very funky

From: £5.89
£2.58 per 100g

Gentle, smooth italian cheese

Ticklemore Cheese, lovely crumbly goat's milk cheese
From: £10.47
£4.18 per 100g

Fresh, crumbly, delicate goats cheese

Tintern Cheese, Welsh cheddar with Shallots and chives
From: £4.95
£1.97 per 100g

Shallots and chives added

Waterloo Cheese, lovely buttery English Brie
From: £6.91
£3.45 per 100g

Rich, buttery, indulgent.

Welsh Cheese Selection
From: £20.00
£ £20, £30, £40 or £50 selection

Wonderful welsh selection

Wensleydale Cheese (Hawes, Special Reserve) , traditional crumbly British cheese
From: £5.80
£2.32 per 100g

Special Reserve, mild, crumbly

Wensleydale with cranberries Cheese, classic fruit cheese
From: £5.50
£2.20 per 100g

Pops of fruity cranberries

Whittington Oak, Smoked cheese
From: £5.78
£1.97 per 100g

wonderfully smoky full flavoured cheddar

Whittington Red
From: £5.77

£1.97 per 100g

Gentle with a well rounded creamy flavour

Wigmore Cheese, sweet ewe's milk brie
From: £8.74
£4.47 per 100g

Sweet, soft and delicate, really lovely

Worcester Gold Cheese, tangy mid strength cheddar
From: £5.47

Creamy, tasty mid strength cheddar

Worcester Honey and Fig Cheddar
From: £6.02
£2.19 per 100g

Amazing cheddar with honey and gems of fig

Worcester Hop Cheese, cheddar in toasted hops, formerly called Hereford Hop
From: £5.47
£1.93 per 100g

Our biggest seller, tangy, cheddar rolled in Hops

Wrekin Blue Cheese, Artisan blue cheese from shropshire
From: £8.39
£3.36 per 100g

Funky looking, great strong mineral flavour

Y-Fenni Cheese, Welsh cheddar with mustard seeds and Ale
From: £4.95
£1.97 per 100g

Cheddar with beer and mustard seeds, tangy!

Yorkshire Blue
From: £8.81
Lovely, mid strength and creamy