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Cheese Hampers and selections

All of the cheese selections below are able to be bought in a card or wicker hamper, with or without chutneys and crackers.  The cost you see on this page is the cost of just the cheese without any extras, so if you're looking for a hamper and have a budget of around £30, look to the £20 cheese selection where you will be able to add the extra bits to make a lovely gift.

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British Goat and Ewes milk cheese selection
From: £20.00
£20, £30, £40 or £50 selection
Old and New Classics Cheese selection
From: £27.79
for 250g pieces
Wonderful selection with or without a hamper
From: £5.00
Gift Voucher
Welsh Cheese Selection
From: £20.00
£20, £30, £40 or £50 selection
£20 British Cheese Selection
From: £20.00
800 g to 1kg
Wonderfully curated selection
£30 British Cheese Selection
From: £30.00
at least 1.25kg
Fantastic British Cheese selection
£40 British Cheese Selection
From: £40.00
for around 2kg
Superb £40 cheese selection
£50 British Cheese Selection
Over 2kg of the best British cheese
Wonderful bumper cheese selection