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Cheese selections

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British Goat and Ewes milk cheese selection
£25, £35, £45 or £55 selection

An amazing selection awaits

Card Hampers
Empty card hampers to fill with cheese
Cheese Club, Monthly Cheese subscription
£29.99 a month For 1 - 1.5kg of cheeseLots of different subscriptions available

Crackers and Chutney for a gathering
Amazing selection of crackers and chutney for 40 people to a gathering of 200 or more!
Dexter cheese selection

Selection available from 25 to 190 people

Wonderful selection at £2.38 per 100g

Fleur Wedding Cheese Cake, 12.4 kg wedding cheese tower
£359.99 feeds 120 - 240. £2.90 per 100g

Great for a large function

French cheese selection
£25, £35, £45 or £55 selection

Comte get some cheese, you'll brie happy!

Mia Wedding Cheese cake 5.9kg wedding cheese tower
£220.99 feeds 60 - 120, £3.75 per 100g

Amazing mostly organic wedding cheese cake

Peters Yard Crispbreads
£3.55 each

Amazing cracker

Strong Cheese selection

Super tasty cheese selection

£30, £40, £50 and £60 selections available

Wonderfully curated strong selection

Welsh Cheese Selection
 £25, £35, £45 or £55 selection

Wonderful welsh selection

Wicker Hamper (Various sizes)
An empty wicker hamper for your cheese
£25 British Cheese Selection
£25 for 600g to 800g
Wonderfully curated selection

£35 British Cheese Selection
£35 for about 1kg

Fantastic British Cheese selection

£45 British Cheese Selection
£45 for up to 1.5kg

Superb £45 cheese selection

£55 British Cheese Selection
£55 for about 1.8kg of the best British cheese
Wonderful bumper cheese selection