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Etorki Ewe's milk cheese, semi hard sheep's cheese

for 250g

Lovely rich and velvety

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    Etorki cheese is a lovely French Ewe's milk cheese and is made in the French Basque Country. Etorki is similar to Ossau Iraty and has a lovely and unusual gentle flavour from the sheeps milk. Very useful as a substitute for Cheddar or Gouda in cooking if cow's milk is a problem. Made with pasteurised sheep's milk, it takes 6 gallons to make one cheese (as it takes 22 ewes to provide the same amount of milk as from the milking of 1 cow - that's a lot of ewes!) hence the consistently higher price of ewes milk cheeses  It has a wonderful velvet texture with a rich hazelnut/caramel flavour, I find it a tricky one to describe, but it really is lovely.  I always struggle whether i should put this cheese into the semi soft category as it's certainly on that side of hard cheeses.

    Following a 4000 year tradition, Etorki is pressed and matured for three to six months.  From the milk of black or red faced Manech ewes in Mauleon,


    Milk Type : Sheep's Milk

    Pasteurisation : Pasteurised

    Rennet type : Animal Rennet

    Flavour : Mild

    Country of Origin : France

    Brand : Le Fromage Basque

    Product Code : MTCS240

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