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Goat and Ewe's

We are so lucky to have an ever increasing supply of goat and ewe's milk cheeses in the UK.  Many people who have difficulty with dairy swear by them in our shops and as the fat molecules are smaller they are a bit more easily digestible than cow's milk.  One of our favourite local dairies, Neals Yard Creamery make Dorstone, Ragstone and Perroche - all worth a try if you like a bit of goat in your life!
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Beenleigh Blue Cheese, Blue sheeps cheese
£4.85 per 100g

Crumbly, steely blue

British Goat and Ewes milk cheese selection
£25, £35, £45 or £55 selection

An amazing selection awaits

Capricorn Cheese, soft goat's milk brie
£3.41 per 100g

Creamy sweet and gentle goatiness

Chevre Log Cheese, French Goat cheese,
£2.40 per 100g

Creamy Gentle Goatiness

Dorstone Cheese, Ashed goat's milk cheese
£9.72 each

Soft, moosey, tasty

Etorki Ewe's milk cheese, semi hard sheep's cheese
£4.07 per 100g

Lovely rich and velvety

Feta Cheese, Greek salad cheese
£4.53 each

Tangy and Crumbly

Gjetost, Norwegian Fudge Cheese
£8.80 each

Norwegian fudge cheese

Goat's milk Gouda Cheese
£3.30 per 100g

Smooth, creamy, gentle

Halloumi Cheese, Cypriot squeaky cheese
£5.50 each

Barbeque Classic!

Manchego Cheese, traditional Spanish Ewe's milk cheese
£4.08 per 100g

One year aged, sweet and nutty

Mrs Bells Blue Cheese, British Blue Ewe's milk cheese
£5.58 per 100g

Slightly sweeter than roquefort

Ossau Iratty Cheese, smooth ewe's milk cheese
£4.77 per 100g

Velvet smooth, nutty

£3.52 per 100g

Salty, hard ewes cheese. 

Pecorino Sardo Cheese, hard raw ewe's milk cheese
£3.70 per 100g

Wonderful hard sheep's cheese

Perroche Cheese, young fresh British goat's milk cheese
£7.35 each

Lemony, soft and Light

Ragstone Cheese, Tasty British goat's cheese log
£10.29 each

Creamy, tasty, gorgeous!

Roquefort cheese, Vieux Berger, Strong Ewe's milk blue cheese
£5.88 per 100g

Strong, full flavoured

Smoked goat cheddar

£4.04 per 100g

Wonderful, smoky and firm

Ticklemore Cheese, lovely crumbly goat's milk cheese
£5.46 per 100g

Fresh, crumbly, delicate goats cheese

Wigmore Cheese, sweet ewe's milk brie
£4.73 per 100g

Sweet, soft and delicate, really lovely