Hard Cheese

Hard Cheese encompasses many types of cheeses.  From the extremely hard aged cheese like Parmesan and Pecorino, through your cheddar cheese, to more semi hard cheese such as Etorki and crumbly cheeses like Wensleydale.  We have many types available here, all can be filtered by milk type, animal type an other options.

  • Country of Origin

  • Flavour

  • Milk Type

  • Pasteurisation

  • Rennet type

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for 250g

Spicey nicey, cheddar with Jalapenos and chillis.

Appenzeller Surchoix
for 250g

Brine washed in a herbal brine - fruity!

Appleby's Red Cheshire
for 250g

Crumbly with a mild fresh acidity

Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar
For 250g

24 month Vintage Cheddar, really lovely.

Caerphilly: Gorwydd Caerphilly
for 250g

Gentle, complex, organic.

Celtic Promise
for 125g

Pungent, washed rind

Comté Extra
for 250g

Wonderful nutty notes

Cornish Kern
for 250g

Fruity, amazing depths of flavour

Cornish Yarg
for 250g

Gentle with a lemony tang, covered in nettles.

for 250g

Lovely rich and velvety

Fowlers Extra Extra  Extra mature
for 250g

Super strong cheddar

for 250g

Norwegian fudge cheese

Goat's milk Gouda
for 250g

Smooth, creamy, gentle

Godminster Cheddar Heart
for 200g

Creamy, tangy, organic

Gouda with Cumin
for 250g

Lovely warming cheese from 17th Century!

Gruyere De France
for 250g

nutty, fruity, great in food

for 250g

Rich organic cheddar with an earthy bite

for 250g

Tangy and zingy with horseradish and parsley!

Hereford Sage
for 250g

Gentle sage notes

Isle of Mull
for 250g

Fruity cheddar with lovely rounded full flavour

Keens Cheddar
for 250g

Traditional farmhouse tasty cheddar

Lancashire (Kirkhams)
for 250g

A lovely tasty Lancashire, full of flavour

Lincolnshire Poacher
for 250g

Tasy, fruity, deep!

Little Hereford
for 250g

Mid strength and smooth

for 250g

One year aged, sweet and nutty

for 250g

Light and crumbly with a salty tang

Monkland with Garlic and Chives
for 250g

Zingy with garlic and chives

Montgomery Cheddar
for 250g

Earthy and full flavoured farmhouse cheddar

Oak Smoked Little Hereford
for 250g

Lovely mid strength smoke

Old Amsterdam
For 250g

Rich savoury but sweet flavour. mouth watering..

Old Winchester
for 250g

Tasty, Nutty, robust!

Ossau Iratty AOC
for 250g

Velvet smooth, nutty

Parmesan Reggiano
for 250g

Very hard, very tasty

Pecorino Sardo
for 250g

Wonderful hard sheep's cheese

for 250g

Mature, cheddary depths

Red Leicester (Sparkenhoe)
for 250g

Waxy, mellow and nutty

Red Storm
for 250g

Fruity, tasty, creamy

Scrumpy Cider and Apple
for 250g

Apple, cider and cheese..mmmm

Single Gloucester (Martel)
for 250g

Mild and lactic, a lovely centle cheese

for 250g

Creamy, tangy, tasty

for 250g

Sweet. nutty and hard

for 250g

Shallots and chives added

Wensleydale (Hawes)
for 250g

Special Reserve, mild, crumbly

Worcester Gold
for 250g

Creamy, tasty mid strength cheddar

Worcester Hop
for 250g

Our biggest seller, tangy, cheddar rolled in Hops

for 250g

Cheddar with beer and mustard seeds, tangy!