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Local Cheese

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Blue Monk Cheese, Artisan unpasteurised Blue Cheese
£6.94 each

Soft, gentle blue

Dorstone Cheese, Ashed goat's milk cheese
£8.58 each

Soft, moosey, tasty

Finn Cheese, British artisan soft cheese
£6.6 each

Gloriously rich and tasty

Harlech Cheese, Cheddar with horseradish and parsley
From: £4.92
£1.97 per 100g

Tangy and zingy with horseradish and parsley!

Hereford Sage Cheese, British artisan cheese with sage added
From: £6.69
£2.68 per 100g

Gentle sage notes

Little Hereford Cheese, British artisan raw milk hard cheese
From: £6.42
£2.57 per 100g

Mid strength and smooth

Monkland Cheese, Artisan raw milk cheese
From: £6.69
£2.68 per 100g

Light and crumbly with a salty tang

Monkland with Garlic and Chives Cheese, Artisan raw milk cheese
From: £7.14
£2.86 per 100g

Zingy with garlic and chives

Oak Smoked Little Hereford Cheese, Artisan smoked hard cheese
From: £7.14
£2.86 per 100g

tasty creamy smoked cheese

Other Monk Cheese, British Camembert style raw milk cheese
£2.77 per 100g

Subtle, soft, creamy camembert flavours

Perroche Cheese, young fresh British goat's milk cheese
£6.12 each

Lemony, soft and Light

Ragstone Cheese, Tasty British goat's cheese log
£9.24 each

Creamy, tasty, gorgeous!

Scrumpy Cider and Apple Cheese, Cheddar with fruit in
From: £5.47
£2.19 per 100g

Apple, cider and cheese..mmmm

Single Gloucester Cheese (Martel), traditional raw milk cheese
From: £9.29
£3.72 per 100g

Mild and lactic, a lovely centle cheese

Stinking Bishop Cheese, very smelly British cheese
From: £11.72
£4.69 per 100g

Washed in Perry, very funky

Tintern Cheese, Welsh cheddar with Shallots and chives
From: £4.92
£1.97 per 100g

Shallots and chives added

Whittington Oak, Smoked cheese
From: £4.92
£1.97 per 100g

wonderfully smoky full flavoured cheddar

Whittington Red
From: £4.92

£1.97 per 100g

Gentle with a well rounded creamy flavour

Worcester Gold Cheese, tangy mid strength cheddar
From: £4.92

Creamy, tasty mid strength cheddar

Worcester Honey and Fig Cheddar
From: £5.47
£2.19 per 100g

Amazing cheddar with honey and gems of fig

Worcester Hop Cheese, cheddar in toasted hops, formerly called Hereford Hop
From: £4.81
£1.93 per 100g

Our biggest seller, tangy, cheddar rolled in Hops

Wrekin Blue Cheese, Artisan blue cheese from shropshire
From: £8.39
£3.36 per 100g

Funky looking, great strong mineral flavour

Y-Fenni Cheese, Welsh cheddar with mustard seeds and Ale
From: £4.92
£1.97 per 100g

Cheddar with beer and mustard seeds, tangy!