Montagnolo Cheese, Lactose free blue cheese

for 250g

Creamily delicious, lactose free!

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    Montagnolo cheese is a really gorgeous naturally Lactose free cheese (but don't let that put you off!) from Germany made by Käserei Champignon. A very creamy blue cheese with a lovely gentle but rich blue flavour. Mould ripened, it won the Supreme Champion award at the 2013 International Cheese Awards. The lactose is used up as the cheese matures, so actually you'll fine that lots of long matured cheese only have a tiny trace element of lactose. I think the reason this cheese won it's much debated accolade is that it's a real crowd pleaser, it's the only blue our 12 year old daughter likes, although I also think it's very palatable and would very happily tuck in and I'm a blue fiend so there tells a tale.  Suitable for a really wide range of tastes, this is a good option for a wedding stack or family gathering.  Measuring 18cm  by 7cm high for a whole cheese.

    Milk Type : Cow's milk

    Pasteurisation : Pasteurised

    Rennet type : Animal Rennet

    Flavour : Mild

    Country of Origin : Germany

    Brand : Kaserei Champignon

    Product Code : MTCS440

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