Old Winchester

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Tasty, Nutty, robust!

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    Old Winchester is a great cheese, matured for 18 months or more, it's an amazingly tasty, slightly nutty very hard cheese.  Being vegetarian, it's quite a good substitute for parmesan when a vegetarian option is needed.  Old Winchester is a washed curd cheese and brine washed after pressing.  Reminiscent of a Gouda when young, the aging process creates amino acid crystals giving the cheese a slightly crunchy texture, it is very highly rated around here.  We tried it as a cheese of the week and it was one of the few that became a constant feature in our counters in all 3 shops. 

    Made by the  Lyburn Farmhouse Cheesemakers, part of a family farming enterprise in Hampshire. 

    We very often use this cheese when we do a charity cheese and wine night, it's amazing with a robust fruity red or a great Herefordshire Cider!


    Milk Type : Cow's milk

    Pasteurisation : Pasteurised

    Rennet type : Vegetarian rennet

    Flavour : Strong

    Country of Origin : England

    identifierexists : no

    Product Code : MTCS478

    Brand : Lyburn Farmhouse Cheesemakers

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