Party cheese cake

4.25kg, feeds 40 - 60, £1.86/100g

Vegetarian option available

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    This petite cheese cake is great for any intimate gathering - how about using it as a Birthday or Christmas cheese cake!  Full of really yummy, popular cheeses, it's a great selection and looks cool too!  Having 2 cheeses on the bottom gives you that bit more selection to go round and means you won't be overloaded with one type.

    From the Bottom
    Half Worcester Hop:  tangy, tasty and rolled in toasted hops, this is our best selling cheese and great for a range of tastes. Pasteurised, cow's milk, vegetarian, 1kg
    Half Whittington Oak:  This is a really gorgeous smoked cheese.  Smooth and creamy with a wonderful smoke - from real oak chips. It's a game changer. Pasteurised, cow's milk, vegetarian, 1kg.

    Waterloo: A lovely buttery brie. Unpasteurised, cow's milk, vegetarian, 800g

    Cashel Blue:  Cut as a half height circle for this stack, Cashel is a gorgeous soft blue with lots of lovely flavour. Pasteurised, cow's milk, vegetarian. 800g

    Snowdonia black bomber: 400g The super tasty snowdonia is a great cheddar addition to this stack

    Blue Monk:  Just to up your blue content a bit, the Blue Monk is a bit more gentle than Cashel, a lovely cheese. Unpasteurised, cow's milk.

    For the vegetarian option, we would substitute the Blue monk, for a lovely Finn.  A full flavoured, cream enriched local vegetarian cheese.

    I've said feeds 40 - 60 in the description, but as it's only small you wouldn't have horrendous amounts of cheese left if you have it for 20 or so, only enough to keep you going for a bit!  The 40 people is based on 100g per person so very dependant on what other food you have going.

    Milk Type : Cow's milk

    Brand : Mousetrap Cheese

    Product Code : MTCS740

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