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Rachel Wedding cheese cake, 5.1kg cheese stack

Rachel Wedding cheese cake, 5.1kg cheese stack

£104.99 feeds 50 - 100 people, £2.05 per 100g

Gorgeous small stack

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    A wonderful wedding cheese cake feeding up to 50 for evening or lunch, or up to 100 for after dinner cheese.

    From the bottom up:

    Half Worcester Hop:  tangy, tasty and rolled in toasted hops, this is our best selling cheese and great for a range of tastes., pasteurised, cow's milk, vegetarian, 1kg
    Half Whittington Oak:  This is a really gorgeous smoked cheese.  Smooth and creamy with a wonderful smoke - from real oak chips. It's a game changer. Pasteurised, cow's milk, vegetarian, 1kg (If you would rather not have a smoked, there's a lovely milder cheddar called Whittington Red that we can swap in at the same price)

    Wensleydale and cranberry, always a crowd pleaser for those sweet cheese lovers! The base of this stack is 17cm wide x 4cm and its made with vegetarian rennet and pasteiurised milk, 1kg

    Cashel Blue:  Cut as a half height circle for this stack, Cashel is a gorgeous soft blue with lots of lovely flavour. pasteurised, cow's milk, vegetarian. 800g

    Baby Manchego:  Traditional nutty Spanish Ewe's milk cheese.  Great for a point of difference in the selection, 800g. Sheep's milk, pasteurised, animal rennet.

    Finn: A mature, double cream cheese made up the road.  9cm wide by 4cm.  Unpasteurised, cows milk, 200g.


    Brand : Mousetrap Cheese

    Product Code : MTCS804

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