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Ragstone Cheese, Tasty British goat's cheese log

for 240g

Creamy, tasty, gorgeous!

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    Ragstone cheese is a lovely goat's milk cheese log. Ragstone log has a creamy texture with a full-flavour, savoury and lemony; firm when young and softening with age. Ragstone goat's cheesehas a great flavour and superb creaminess, this really is an excellent pasteurised goat's cheese. Made by Charlie Westhead at Neals Yard Creamery, who was involved in the very early days of Neal's Yard Dairy. Charlie soon hankered after a simpler life so made the splendid decision to move to Herefordshire to make cheese! We're very lucky to have him and his team at Neals Yard Creamery as one of our most local dairies, and we're very proud to stock their really gorgeous cheese!  Ragstone is made with a twist on the traditional French Sainte Maure, by adding in a white mould.   The curd is set overnight, before being hand-ladled into log-shaped moulds and matured for 2 to 3 weeks.   Try this one with a nice crisp rose!

    Milk Type : Goat's Milk

    Pasteurisation : Pasteurised

    Rennet type : Animal Rennet

    Flavour : Strong

    Country of Origin : England

    Brand : Neals Yard Creamery

    Product Code : MTCS551

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