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Raw milk Cheese

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Appenzeller Cheese, , Black label, 6 months mature
From: £10.22
£4.09 per 100g

Brine washed in a herbal brine - fruity!

Appleby's Red Cheshire Cheese, crumbly artisan cheese
From: £6.08
£2.43 per 100g

Crumbly with a mild fresh acidity

Baron Bigod
From: £9.42
£3.77 per 100g

Smooth, mushroomy, wonderful

Bleu D'Auvergne Cheese, French blue cheese
From: £3.91
£1.56 per 100g

Spicy, young blue

Bleu Des Causses Cheese, French blue cheese 'Poor mans roquefort'
From: £5.85
£2.34 per 100g

Salty, full flavour cow's milk roquefort

Blue Monk Cheese, Artisan unpasteurised Blue Cheese
£6.94 each

Soft, gentle blue

Brie de Meaux Cheese, Strong, smelly French Brie
From: £6.97
£2.79 per 100g

Succulent, tasty, strong

Caerphilly: Gorwydd Caerphilly Cheese
From: £7.85
£3.14 per 100g

Gentle, complex, organic.

Celtic Promise Cheese, cider washed Welsh cheese
From: £5.61
£4.49 per 100g

Pungent, washed rind

Comté Extra Cheese, 12 - 18 month mature Comte
From: £8.28
£3.31 per 100g

Wonderful nutty notes

Dorset Blue Vinney Cheese, British blue cheese made with semi skimmed milk
From: £6.85
£2.74 per 100g

Tasty blue made with partially skimmed milk

Finn Cheese, British artisan soft cheese
£6.6 each

Gloriously rich and tasty

Gruyere De France, French Gruyere cheese
From: £4.98
£1.99 per 100g

nutty, fruity, great in food

Hafod Cheese, Welsh Organic Cheddar Cheese
From: £8.94
£3.58 per 100g

Rich organic cheddar with an earthy bite

Hereford Sage Cheese, British artisan cheese with sage added
From: £6.69
£2.68 per 100g

Gentle sage notes

Isle of Mull Cheese, Wonderful raw milk cheddar
From: £6.98
£2.79 per 100g

Fruity cheddar with lovely rounded full flavour

Keens Cheddar Cheese, Somerset Farmhouse Cheddar cheese
From: £5.12
£2.05 per 100g

Traditional farmhouse tasty cheddar

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, British Artisan raw milk cheese
From: £6.55
£2.62 per 100g

Tasy, fruity, deep!

Little Hereford Cheese, British artisan raw milk hard cheese
From: £6.42
£2.57 per 100g

Mid strength and smooth

Monkland Cheese, Artisan raw milk cheese
From: £6.69
£2.68 per 100g

Light and crumbly with a salty tang

Monkland with Garlic and Chives Cheese, Artisan raw milk cheese
From: £7.14
£2.86 per 100g

Zingy with garlic and chives

Montgomery Cheddar Cheese, Traditional unpasteurised farmhouse cheddar cheese
From: £7.01
£2.81 per 100g

Earthy and full flavoured farmhouse cheddar

Morbier Cheese, Traditional semi soft french cheese with a layer of ash
From: £5.08
£2.03 per 100g

Pongy, fruity and gentle

Oak Smoked Little Hereford Cheese, Artisan smoked hard cheese
From: £7.14
£2.86 per 100g

tasty creamy smoked cheese

Other Monk Cheese, British Camembert style raw milk cheese
£2.77 per 100g

Subtle, soft, creamy camembert flavours

Parmesan Reggiano Cheese, 2-3 years mature
From: £10.69
£4.27 per 100g

Very hard, very tasty

Pecorino Sardo Cheese, hard raw ewe's milk cheese
From: £7.09
£2.84 per 100g

Wonderful hard sheep's cheese

From: £8.31
£3.32 per 100g

Mature, cheddary depths

Reblochon Cheese, tarte
£9.28 each

Smooth, rich and nutty

Red Leicester (Sparkenhoe) Cheese, Gentle British hard cheese
From: £6.78
£2.71 per 100g

Waxy, mellow and nutty

Roquefort cheese, Vieux Berger, Strong Ewe's milk blue cheese
From: £12.53
£5.01 per 100g

Strong, full flavoured

Somerset Brie Cheese, mild english brie
From: £4.70
£1.88 per 100g

Gentle, Creamy Brie

Spenwood Cheese, Hard nutty British ewe's milk cheese
£4.56 per 100g


From: £4.93
£1.97 per 100g

Gentle, smooth italian cheese

Waterloo Cheese, lovely buttery English Brie
£3.33 per 100g

Rich, buttery, indulgent.

Wigmore Cheese, sweet ewe's milk brie
From: £8.66
£4.33 per 100g

Sweet, soft and delicate, really lovely

Wrekin Blue Cheese, Artisan blue cheese from shropshire
From: £8.39
£3.36 per 100g

Funky looking, great strong mineral flavour