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Raw milk Cheese

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Appenzeller Cheese, , Black label, 6 months mature
for 250g

Brine washed in a herbal brine - fruity!

Appleby's Red Cheshire Cheese, crumbly artisan cheese
for 250g

Crumbly with a mild fresh acidity

Bleu D'Auvergne Cheese, French blue cheese
for 250g

Spicy, young blue

Brie de Meaux Cheese, Strong, smelly French Brie
for 250g

Succulent, tasty, strong

Caerphilly: Gorwydd Caerphilly Cheese
for 250g

Gentle, complex, organic.

Comté Extra Cheese, 12 - 18 month mature Comte
for 250g

Wonderful nutty notes

Dorset Blue Vinney Cheese, British blue cheese made with semi skimmed milk
for 250g

Tasty blue made with partially skimmed milk

Finn Cheese, British artisan soft cheese
for 200g

Gloriously rich and tasty

Gruyere De France, French Gruyere cheese
for 250g

nutty, fruity, great in food

Hafod Cheese, Welsh Organic Cheddar Cheese
for 250g

Rich organic cheddar with an earthy bite

Isle of Mull Cheese, Wonderful raw milk cheddar
for 250g

Fruity cheddar with lovely rounded full flavour

Keens Cheddar Cheese, Somerset Farmhouse Cheddar cheese
for 250g

Traditional farmhouse tasty cheddar

Little Hereford Cheese, British artisan raw milk hard cheese
for 250g

Mid strength and smooth

Monkland Cheese, Artisan raw milk cheese
for 250g

Light and crumbly with a salty tang

Monkland with Garlic and Chives Cheese, Artisan raw milk cheese
for 250g

Zingy with garlic and chives

Montgomery Cheddar Cheese, Traditional unpasteurised farmhouse cheddar cheese
for 250g

Earthy and full flavoured farmhouse cheddar

Oak Smoked Little Hereford Cheese, Artisan smoked hard cheese
for 250g

Lovely mid strength smoke

Parmesan Reggiano Cheese, 2-3 years mature
for 250g

Very hard, very tasty

Pecorino Sardo Cheese, hard raw ewe's milk cheese
for 250g

Wonderful hard sheep's cheese

for 250g

Mature, cheddary depths

Raclette Cheese, traditional swiss melting cheese
for 250g

melty, gooey, yummy

Reblochon Cheese, tarte
for 240g

Smooth, rich and nutty

Red Leicester (Sparkenhoe) Cheese, Gentle British hard cheese
for 250g

Waxy, mellow and nutty

Roquefort cheese, Vieux Berger, Strong Ewe's milk blue cheese
for 250g

Strong, full flavoured

Somerset Brie Cheese, mild english brie
for 250g

Gentle, Creamy Brie

Spenwood Cheese, Hard nutty British ewe's milk cheese
for 250g

Sweet. nutty and hard

Waterloo Cheese, lovely buttery English Brie
for 250g

Rich, buttery, indulgent.

Wigmore Cheese, sweet ewe's milk brie
for 250g

Sweet, soft and delicate, really lovely