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Smooth, rich and nutty

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    Reblochon is a creamy mountain cheese which has been made for hundreds of years.  It name derives from the word "reblocher" which means to milk again.  In the middle ages a tax was paid  on milk so the farmers would only partially milk their cows in order to pay less tax.  After the tax collector left they milked the cows again which yielded a richer milk with which they made their cheese.  It is velvety smooth with a rich and nutty flavour. Used extensively in cooking, the traditional ingredient of a great Tartiflette.

    Milk Type : Cow's milk

    Pasteurisation : Unpasteurised

    Rennet type : Animal Rennet

    Flavour : Medium

    Country of Origin : France

    GTIN : 3049877803122

    Product Code : MTCS552

    Brand : Coopertative du Val D'Arly

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