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Semi and Soft

Semi soft and soft cheeses include many washed rind cheeses such as Stinking Bishop, Bries and camembert types, some cheeses with added cream to make them really unctious!  We have smoked soft cheeses, pasteurised and raw milk cheeses, as well as cow's milk, ewe's milk and goat's milk.  Have a look through our wonderful selection.

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Baron Bigod
From: £7.70
for 250g
Smooth, mushroomy, wonderful
Brie de Meaux Cheese, Strong, smelly French Brie
From: £5.86
for 250g

Succulent, tasty, strong

Camembert Rustique Cheese, Wonderful French Camembert cheese
From: £4.89
for 250g

Oozy, deep and satisfying

Capricorn Cheese, soft goat's milk brie
From: £6.45
for 250g

Creamy sweet and gentle goatiness

Cenarth Brie Cheese, Soft vegetarian Welsh cheese
for 250g

Creamy, mid strength, lovely!

Chevre Log Cheese, French Goat cheese,
From: £3.56
for 250g

Creamy Gentle Goatiness

Delice De Bourgogne Cheese, really creamy French Cheese
From: £5.09
for 250g

Delectable, indulgent, rich

Feta Cheese, Greek salad cheese
for 200g

Tangy and Crumbly

Finn Cheese, British artisan soft cheese
for 200g

Gloriously rich and tasty

Halloumi Cheese, Cypriot squeaky cheese
for 250g

Barbeque Classic!

Jarlsberg Cheese, sweet, nutty Norwegian cheese
From: £4.60
for 250g

Sweet, nutty and mild Norwegian cheese

Le Roule Cheese, fresh young cheese with garlic and herbs
From: £5.51
for 250g

Fresh, light and creamy

Maasdam Cheese
From: £3.05
Morbier Cheese, Traditional semi soft french cheese with a layer of ash
From: £4.27
for 250g

Pongy, fruity and gentle

Neufchatel brie heart, heart shaped cheese
for 200g


Other Monk Cheese, British Camembert style raw milk cheese
for 250g

Subtle, soft, creamy camembert flavours

Perl Wen Cheese, Wonderful Welsh organic brie
From: £5.55
for 250g

Soft, light, organic brie

Perroche Cheese, young fresh British goat's milk cheese
for 250g

Lemony, soft and Light

Raclette Cheese, traditional swiss melting cheese
From: £3.72
for 250g

melty, gooey, yummy

Ragstone Cheese, Tasty British goat's cheese log
for 240g

Creamy, tasty, gorgeous!

Reblochon Cheese, tarte
for 240g

Smooth, rich and nutty

Scamorza Cheese, Italian smoked Mozzerella type cheese
for 200g

Smoked mozzarella type cheese

Somerset Brie Cheese, mild english brie
From: £3.96
for 250g

Gentle, Creamy Brie

Stinking Bishop Cheese, very smelly British cheese
From: £9.85
for 250g

Washed in Perry for a very funky cheese

From: £4.15
Ticklemore Cheese, lovely crumbly goat's milk cheese
From: £8.45
for 250g

Fresh, crumbly, delicate goats cheese

Waterloo Cheese, lovely buttery English Brie
From: £5.60
for 250g

Rich, buttery, indulgent.

Wensleydale with cranberries Cheese, classic fruit cheese
From: £4.14
for 250g

Pops of fruity cranberries

Wigmore Cheese, sweet ewe's milk brie
From: £7.28
for 250g

Sweet, soft and delicate, really lovely