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Vignotte Cheese, Double cream rich French cheese

Vignotte Cheese, Double cream rich French cheese

for 250g

Creamy with a tang

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    Vignotte cheese is a lovely firm, velvety, rich cheese with a bit of a tang. Vignotte is a double cream cheese as it is made with added cream in the Champagne region, at 75% fat this is not a cheese for the dieter!  Really buttery, it works well with a plain cracker. You often find that cheeses from a region work very well with alcohol from the same area. Ill leave you to try out the Champagne with Vignotte if you so choose!

    Milk Type : Cow's milk

    Pasteurisation : Pasteurised

    Rennet type : Animal Rennet

    Flavour : Mild

    Country of Origin : France

    Brand : French

    Product Code : MTCS647

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