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Mainland UK Delivery Free for orders over £40, or £5.95 for under.  Minimum order value is £20.00. Choose delivery date at the checkout.

Frequently asked wedding cake questions:

When should I order?

We love early orders, so we can ripen everything to perfection although we do hold some stock for our wedding cakes.  4 weeks is our sweet spot in terms of notice but do get your order in if you want to be sorted.

You choose your delivery date in the third page of the checkout, please see below for delivery date advice.

We can of course take last minute orders but we only keep so much cheese in stock so if we get a lot of late orders so it may be that we need to swap things around a bit but we would always get in touch if that was the case.

Delivery day advice

Please order for a Wednesday or Thursday delivery if you can for a weekend wedding and at least 2 days before you need it.  Since covid, the couriers no longer guarantee a 24 hour delivery, although 99 out of 100 do get there in time.  Obviously you don't want to be the one that doesn't if it then means your wedding cheese is in a depot for the weekend! 

We put plenty of ice in so if it takes 48 hours the cheese will be fine and at least then if there's a broken van or someone off sick you'll still get your cheese in time for your big day!

Decoration and set up

All of our cheese is sent out in it's original packaging if possible as this is best for the cheese.  You will need a sharp knife to get into any vacpacked cheeses (the worcester hop/whittington oak if they are in your stack) and it's best to have some clingfilm to hand to use when handling the cheese so you don't need to touch it.  Some of the blues can be a bit juicy when you open the packaging (particularly whole cashel so it's also worth having some blue roll/kitchen roll handy.  Just open them up an pop them on the absorbent roll to take away any extra wetness before you stack it up.

Most of our wedding cakes will stand under their own weight, you can literally just stack them up in the order in the picture and they will be fine, no dowel or anything required. 

The only cakes you will need to dowel are those with bries or delice  lower down in the stack.  These are freya and Jessica, (Will always need dowelling to be safe then Elizabeth, Evie, Fleur, Teya and Tilly if it's hot.

Dowelling can be as simple as some wooden kebab sticks or chopsticks cut to the height of the soft cheese. the harder cheese can then be placed on the top.

There is no decoration supplied with any of the cheese stacks.  A few flowers/figs/grapes/herbs can work wonders!

Can we swap cheeses around?

We often tweak the wedding stacks on the site to suit peoples tastes.  we are obviously limited by the sizes of the cheeses available but we can mock things up so you can get an idea how things look and recommend substitutes if you have doubts about something in a stack, just get in touch at info@mousetrapcheese.co.uk and let us know your thoughts.