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Now you're planning you big day, we'd love to help you with your wedding cheese selection.

Please take a look at our online wedding selections for some ideas of perfectly balanced cheese wedding cake ideas.

Whether you’d like a stunning stack or an eclectic board for your buffet, we’d be delighted if you could join us for a tasting in one of our shops if you live nearby, just contact us for an appointment.

If you can't come to us, just drop us a line and we can help you choose a bespoke wedding cheese tower from afar. We can advise on quantities needed, types of cheese and help you to choose a fantastic selection for your budget. We can send out a sample of cheeses for you to taste if you'd like to, helping you to make your decision on the perfect stack for you, ensuring you will impress even the most exacting of cheese buffs!

If you'd like an idea of costs for individual cheeses then please have a look at our Wedding Cheese List below, this shows you a selection of the cheeses we have available that make up a nice wedding selection. This is by no means all of the cheeses we can supply but it's a good starting point. As a guide, we suggest having 50g - 100g per person, 50g if the cheese is to be eaten straight after a meal and more if it's being eaten in the evening and your guests might need to soak up some booze!  Also you want to be looking at a very minimum of 2cm in diameter between layers, preferable a little more.

The list shows the cheeses in order of diameter so if you would like a stack you can work out what you want, how it would look and how much cheese you'd end up with. There are further pictures of the cheeses in our online shop, where you can also read more indepth descriptions of the cheeses as well as a small selection of pre-designed stacks, giving you an idea of prices and amounts required.  Just click the image above to have a look at our online selection.

For bespoke selection we'll need to know how many guests you have coming and what other food you're supplying either in the day or with the cheese.  We hate waste so will always try to advise on quantity and sometimes people like to include some regionality to reflect both side of the partnership.  Whatever we advise, you can be assured that it will be a really wonderful selection.  Please drop us a line to get started: info@mousetrapcheese.co.uk

Prices listed to nearest pound.

Diameter and weight can vary.

Cheese Type Flavour Size Weight Cost info
Kirkhams Lancashire Hard Tasty, robust 27 x 5cm 3kg £122 UP
Farmhouse Caerphilly hard Mild but tangy 27 x 9 cm 4.1 £76 P,
Worcester Hop (4KG in half, 2kg O) Hard Tangy crowdpleaser 21.5 x 4cm 2kg £45 P,V
Worcester Hop (4KG) Hard Tangy crowdpleaser 21.5 x 8cm 4kg £89 P,V
Snowdonia 3kg (pre order only)  Hard Tasty Creamy cheddar 21.5 x 9 3.3kg £93 P,V
Silton (Colston Bassett)* Blue Creamy tasty Blue 21 x 8cm 2.8kg £76 P,V
Shropshire Blue (Colston Bassett)  Blue Slightly sweeter than Stilton 21 x 8cm 2.8kg £78 P,V
Red Cheshire (One Third) Hard Gentle, crumbly, citrus notes 21 x 6cm 2.2kg £60 UP, V
Cenarth Brie (will need support Soft Tasty welsh brie 21 x 3cm 1.2kg £37 P,V
Perl Las (can have half height) Blue Deep blue with a lovely finish 21 x 11cm 2.8kg £91 P,V,O
Perl Wen (will need support) Soft Mild and creamy organic brie 21 x 3cm 1.2kg £40 P,V,O
Montagnolo Blue Creamy gentle blue 20 x 6.5cm 2kg £46 P,V
Delice de Bourgogne Soft Super rich creamy 20 x 9cm 2kg £51 P,V
Wrekin Blue Blue Tasty, rustic rind 19 x 9cm 1.3kg £71 UP
Tintern Blended Cheddar with Shallots/Chives 19 x 7cm 1.5kg £29 P,V
Harlech Blended Cheddar, Horseradish, parsley 19 x 7cm 1.5kg £29 P,V
Red Storm** Hard Creamy tasty red cheese 18.5 x 7.5cm 2kg £61 P,V
Snowdonia Black Bomber** Hard Creamy strong cheddar 18.5 x 7.5cm 2kg £61 P,V
Red Devil** Blended Hot and spicy with chilli 18.5 x 7.5cm 2kg £61 P,V
Ticklemore Goats cheese Hard Crumbly fresh goats cheese 18 x 8cm 1.6kg £87 P,V
Cornish Yarg (Medium) Hard Gentle, lemony, nettle covered 18 x 9cm 1.8kg £59 P,V
Quickes Cheddar Truckle Hard Tasty farmhouse cheddar 17 x 8cm 1.7kg £60 UP
Gorwydd Caerphilly Hard Gentle but complex flavours 17 x 12cm 2kg £76 UP
Wigmore, ewe's milk brie Soft Gorgeous, subtle sweet creamy 18 x 3cm 0.8kg £38 UP,V
Waterloo, cow's milk brie Soft Lovely buttery soft cheese 18 x 3cm 0.8kg £30 UP
Wensleydale and Cranberry Bucket Blended Mild cheese with cranberry 17 x 8cm 2kg £49 P,V
Wensleydale/Cran Half height Blended Mild cheese with Cranberry 17 x 4cm 1kg £24 P,V
Barkham Blue Blue Rich, tasty, melts in the mouth 16 x 5cm 1kg P,V
Baby Stilton (Colston Bassett) Blue Gorgeous classic blue 16 x 17cm 2.2kg £55 P,V
Baby Stilton Half height Blue Creamy, tasty and lovely 16 x 8.5cm 1.1kg £33 P,V
Inglewhite Cheddar  Hard Lovely cheddar, in black wax 14.5 x 7cm 1.1kg £24 P,V
Cashel Blue Blue Tasty creamy Irish blue 14 x 9cm 1.6kg £43 P,V
Cashel Blue Half Height Blue Tasty creamy Irish blue 14 x 4.5cm 0.8kg £21 P,V
Cornish Yarg Baby Hard Beautiful nettle covered, mild 13 x 9cm 1kg £35 P,V
Delice de Cremier Soft Rich and delectable 13 x 9cm 1kg £35 UP
Manchego baby (Egg allergen) hard Lovely hard Spanish ewe's 13 x 10cm 0.9kg £28 P,A
Oxford Isis Washed Stinky washed orange rind 10.5 x 2.5cm 0.2kg £10 UP
Cambridge blue Blue Medium strength blue 10.5 x 4 0.25kg £12 P,V
Finn Soft Gorgeous cream enriched 9 x 4 cm 0.2kg £7 UP
Petite Langre Washed tasty, rind washed 7 x 6cm 0.15kg £6 UP
Dorstone ashed goats Soft Lovely moosey mature goat 5 x 7cm 0.2kg £9 UP
Ashlyn Goat Soft Ashed vegetarian goat 5 cmx 6 0.2kg £11 V
Godminster Heart 200g Hard tasty cheddar in burgundy wax 9 x 3cm 0.2kg £9 P,V,O
Godminster Heart 400g Hard tasty cheddar in burgundy wax 12 x 5cm 0.4kg £18 P,V,O
Neuf chatel brie heart Soft White tasty brie 9 x 3cm 0.2kg £6 P

* Stilton and Shropshire blue can be cut in a circular slice from 4cm high to 23cm high for a whole cheese. If working out amounts, it's about 350g per cm in height of cheese.  

** All of the Snowdonia 2kg cheeses are the same size, so half and half is a great option to add more option for your guests.

20% discount if collecting from store.